Thursday, July 28, 2011

June 16, 2011

Day 1:
and every other day since (literally).


Alicia said...

We need to get over there again, pronto.
Love you guys!

lizdye said...

Thank you for getting rid of your sick ugly template. And thank you for getting a pool.

Mrs. JM said...

dear candice,

i'm glad you posted these photos and that you blogged. your pool is rad and so are you but ..

do you really plug your nose when you jump into a pool?

and, dumbest question ever:

how does one fill a pool of that size with water. one lone hose?

Candice said...

Mrs. JM,
I guess I do plug my nose. and yes, it does look really dorky. But not as dorky as one of those nose pluggers that I used to wear as a kid.

It took 3 full days and night to fill that thing. Forever.

P.S. When are you coming over to swim?

M&C said...

Thanks for having us over on the 4th. It was so much and Caroline loves the water now.Remember you are always welcome in Vernal at Kremin Bed and Breakfast.

Melinda said...

what? is that really you in a tankini?!

oh wait, it's just your work-out top, that explains it!