Friday, July 29, 2011


Tonight is the first of 6 nights of camping that I'll be doing in the next 9 days.

Tonight: Ward Camp-Out. I seriously would not be doing this - but I just can't forget about the Dutch Oven dinner from last year.

Tuesday - Thursday: Girl's Camp. sigh.

Friday - Sunday: Lake Powell. Yes, we camp at Lake Powell. We have been doing this my whole life - I have no idea what a house boat is like. I have a feeling that it involves lots of cooking and cleaning (or at least that's what we like to tell ourselves).

Good thing Hot Dave takes care of me so well. I have a killer sleeping pad and lots of camping gear to make me comfortable in the outdoors. Here's to sleeping under the stars.


Katherine Lewis said...

You know, if you have a newborn, they don't make you go to girls camp. You should have one and dodge that bullet next year.

Alicia said...

Awe. I like you and Hot Dave.

Alicia said...

P.S. Call me when you recover. We are buying a house and need advice. :)

Holly Dart said...

You campin' fool.

Great, as always, to see you last week.

I miss camping at lake powell! I didn't know it was such an oddity until I married Ryan.

Scottkids said...

HAVE FUN!!! ;)

Melinda said...

wow, sounds dreamy... at least the Lake Powell part! :)
Good Luck and we'll see you when you've had enough!

Scottkids said...

I think it is time for some kind of post here.