Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TV can Inspire

A large part of the Budget debate in Washington has to do with proposed cuts to welfare programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). This is an obvious topic especially when you look at this very simplified chart of 2010 Annual Spending.One side of the argument likes to demonize those on the other side for not caring about children, women, elderly, and homeless. At the same time this was going on in congress - I saw something very different. Within 2 weeks, the following occurred in my very shallow existence of Reality TV and talkradio:

Celebrity Apprentice
(no, this is not a Trump 2012 plug):
On this show, there are challenges based on fund-raising, and each team's ability to raise funds for their particular charity. In one challenge, this group of "mis-fit" celebrities were able to raise over $1.7 Million for charity.

Sample of Celebrities ($1.7 Million for real!!) :

Secret Millionaire:
In one episode, the "Secret Millionaires" were the owners of Curves. They gave away $500,000 to people and organizations doing good in the community. On the flip side - the receivers of their charity have dedicated their lives to helping others. They have used grassroots methods to make a difference in their community without subsidies from the government. Most of these organization run on private donations and volunteered time. (if you can stand the voice of the narrator- this show will give you hope in mankind again. A good contrast to Charlie Sheen coverage)

Cure-A-Thon 2011:
Every year Rush Limbaugh dedicates his entire program to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He uses his 3 hour radio program and his gigantic audience to raise money to fight blood cancers. In 3 hours - they raised over $3 Million. $1 Million an hour by Rush listeners only. Mega Dittos, Rush babies!

My point is, even in a rough economy with horrendous gas prices and record unemployment rates - people are still giving huge amounts of $$, time, and energy to charitable causes. if you can be inspired by Reality TV - just think of the inspiration surrounding us in real life.

This country is oozing with generous and compassionate people. The last thing they need is to be forced into it through taxation.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Home

I spent a glorious sun-filled weekend in Huntington Beach (thanks Stef!). It included 2 full beach days, a wicked sun burn, farmer's market, a couple of fabulous low-altitude runs, QT with girlfriends, fried chicken and waffles, Ho-Sum Bistro, and listening to conference in swimsuits.
I left this: (the only pictures I took - how cute is baby Claire?)
To come home to below freezing temps, work, no sun, and another month of winter. How did I get through it you ask?? Sky Magazine.

On my flight home, the Delta Sky Magazine had a 20 page feature on Utah. It was just what I needed to remind me of why I love the state I live in. California has it perks, but so does Utah. Here are a few:

Unemployment rate: 7.4% (National average 9.5%)
Average composite SAT score: 1718 (National average 1565)
Median Age: 28.7 (National average 36.7)

3rd longest life expectancy in the nation
Lowest per-capita costs for health care in the nation
Lowest debt-per-capita state in the nation
Utah residents collectively speak 90% of the world's written languages

Beyond being one of the most fiscally conservative states in the country - it is also one of the most beautiful. I love the desert. I love dry heat and summer nights. I love the lakes and the wide open spaces in every direction. I also love my job, my house, my family and friends. So, here's to $1 Coke at McDonalds and living in Utah forever.